Why Use landscaping Rocks? – Best Rock Types For Landscaping

Landscaping rocks are there to enhance the beauty of the landscape. The stones often come in different shapes and sizes, these rocks provide a special touch to the garden. These rocks are often used in the combination with other stones and such things increase the beauty of the landscape.

If you are having a garden or other space, you can add greenery or these rocks to the landscape to enrich its beauty. You can learn about these different rocks that you can use in your landscaping.

Decorating with the help of stones is not new; people are using stones for decorating since the beginning of time. However, these are so many stones available and it has become different to choose from them.

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What are the types of Landscaping Rocks

landscaping Rocks

Just like mentioned before there are so many types of landscaping rocks and such rocks adds a unique touch to the outdoor setting.

Pro Tips:

  • If you want warmth touch to your backyard or garden then you can use the river rocks or you can use the beach pebbles.
  • If you want to bring up that region of the yard that is not visible enough then you can use white marble.
  • You can also use the terracotta stones but keep in mind that they will not easily blend with the garden.
  • Last but not least the lava rocks can enrich the modern landscape.

Best Types Of Landscaping Rocks

Landscaping rocks are relaxing and fun to watch although it requires really hard work but you can ask the Detailed Guys and they will provide you with the best landscaping services.

Let’s have a look on the types of rocks you can have

  • Decomposed Granite
  • Crushed Granite
  • Pea Gravel
  • River Rocks
  • Lava Rocks

Decomposed Granite

This is a type of granite that when worn down crushes down to fine pieces. It is idea for pavements and it comes in different colors. They are cheap as well and it can be a good standing point for your garden.

Crushed Granite

Just as name suggests crushed granite, such rocks are made from crushed granite so they are small and they have earthly tone. Such rocks are best for using it in the yard and they are usually lose so they do not create puddles.

This granite is natural and it is often used along the edges of the pathways. It creates a nice blend between the plants as well as plants.

However, it is pricy but it last longer than other rocks, the rocks also provide stability and it ensures good drainage.

Pea Gravel

It is a pea sized pebble that is smoothed and worn over due to water running over the gravel. You can find these pebbles near the streams and other places where you find water.

Pea gravel is used in dog parks, playgrounds and other places. Pea gravel are not expensive and but it comes in few different color.

River Rocks

River rocks are usually small rocks that are also smoothed by water. They do not have sharp edges because water has smoothed them down. These rocks are called river rocks because they usually placed in the place that has water.

There is also mulch but river rocks are used in place of that.  Mulch can break but river rocks provide long lastingness.  They are bit pricy but are durable.

Lava Rocks

Lava rocks are volcanic rocks and they are made from lava but are crystallized due to cooling. Lava rocks are affordable, lightweight and water can flow through them.

The lava rocks also retain some water in them and can provide barrier against weeds as well as bugs.