Types of Mulch – Best Mulching Services in Baltimore and Harford

Basically, mulch is a material that I used to cover the surface of soil in order to keep the soil moisten. There are two types of mulches organic mulch and inorganic mulch. Furthermore, organic and inorganic is divided in many more types. There are multiple types of mulches that have multiple advantages for the gardens. So in this article, organic and inorganic mulch are discussed in detail.

Organic Mulch

Organic mulch is considered to be once living. As we know that, organic materials are carbon based compounds. So, organic mulch is made of multiple materials like grain straw, newspaper, bark etc. As, mentioned before that is made from organic material that was once living due to which the structure of the soil enhances. Organic mulch is considered to best for the plants than inorganic mulch because with the passage of time, organic mulch decomposes and increases fertility and moistens the soil structure. There are many likes of organic mulches like wood chips, newspaper, straw etc.

Inorganic Mulch

Inorganic mulch is recycled from glass or rubber. It is becoming famous now-a-days. Inorganic mulch does not decompose but it breaks down into pieces after a long time. Its main disadvantage is that it does not decomposes due which it does not provide nutrients to the soil. It is available in different colors. There are many types of inorganic mulches like landscape fabric, rubber, rock etc.

Organic and inorganic mulches are further divided into many types. Few of them are mentioned below.

Types of organic mulch

Wood chips: It is considered to be the best because it is a combination of bark and leaves. When it decomposes it provides nutrients to the soil. As soon as the decomposition occurs, the amount of organic material increases due to which the nutrient increases. As the amount of nutrients increases, the fertility of the soil increases and moistens the surface.

Newspaper mulch

It fertilizes the soil. In hot summer days, it cools down the soil as well as moistens the soil. The most important advantage of this mulch is that it does not allow the bugs to come up to the surface. Newspaper mulch is best for the landscape and the gardeners as well.

Straw mulch

It is considered to be the best for vegetable soil. Straw mulch keeps the plant seeds from washing ceaselessly. Basically, it is sold by bale provides slight and downy stuff around the vegetable plant. Whether it is summer or winter, the composition takes place in each season.

Type of inorganic mulch

Landscape plastic

If you want to use the mulch for a long time then landscape fabric is the best choice. It suppresses weeds and most importantly it allows water and air to pass through the soil. It is considered to be the most expensive because we can’t use it directly like we have to apply a layer of organic material. But the result is very fascinating.

Rubber mulch

It is best for crowded area like  play ground, school assembly ground etc. It is obtained from rubber or pulverized tires and it is not very much expensive as it is recycled. As it is rubber mulch, so it does not decompose and it has adverse effect that it leaches the soil.

 Rock mulch

One of the most important things that must be kept in the mind is that try not to utilize rocks or stones around the trees, bushes or plants. One of the most common reason of not utilizing the rocks around the trees because it can cause weight around the plants through the reflection which consume the roots and blocks the passage of water and air. So rock mulch is not that much in the use.


As we know that, mulching is now becoming necessary and famous so we must use mulch in the gardens. Mulching not only provides visual appeal to the plants and the surroundings but it also moistens the soil. Organic mulch is environment friendly which means that we must prefer organic mulch over inorganic mulch because it decomposes and provide nutrients to the soil.